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Why would I upgrade my electrical panel?

Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel

You business' electrical panel is a tan or grey box that receives the power coming into the building from your electric company, and distributes it to other branches and sub-branches throughout your facility. Per OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) codes, this is in a location both easily accessible and out of the way. It is also required to have a "dead front" that protects a person on the operating side of the box from exposure to live electricity.

If your electrical panel has been in place for some time, there is a good chance that it may:

(1) no longer support the current electrical demands of your business, or

(2) have problems that can cause other problems throughout your facility.

Some of these electrical problems may include:

- Flickering lights
- Blown fuses
- Repeatedly tripped breakers
- Needing to turn off one appliance in order to use another
- Electric shocks, overheating, or fire caused by breakers that fail to trip when they should
- Fire and electric shock causing damage to your business or danger to your employees

Integrity Power and Electric can inspect your electrical panel and determine if it currently meets the needs of your business, while ensuring that everything is working, safe, and up to current safety codes.

Some indications you may need a new panel include:

- Crackling sounds coming from the electrical panel
- Rust or corrosion on the breakers
- Overheating electrical conductors
- Usage of multiple extension cords
- Needing additional outlets or non-grounded (2 prong) outlets
- Computer systems that are not on a dedicated circuit
- Electronics that do not operate at full power
- Installation of new equipment that requires a lot of power, such as large copiers or machinery
- Expansion or remodeling
- The need to install a 240 Volt circuit to accommodate a new piece of machinery
- The need to add a sub-panel
- Current usage of a fuse block or split bus pane. In this case, there is no main breaker, which is far out of date, and very unsafe. This can pose both electrocution and fire safety risks
- Your insurance company may require you to upgrade your panel

Why you need to call a professional when replacing your electrical panel

- Safety, Safety, Safety - A licensed electrician knows how to work with high voltage in a safe manner. Electricity can be very dangerous, even deadly if certain precautions are not made.
- A licensed electrician can make sure you get the right size electrical service panel for the needs of your business
- Local and federal safety codes often change. A professional electrician is required to keep up with these codes, and therefore keep your business in compliance.
- Existing wiring may need to be replaced or repaired to meet current building codes.
The power company may supply a different power meter. This will need to be installed by a professional.

Contact Integrity Power and Electric today to find out if your current electrical panel is adequate for your needs and current safety requirements.

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