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Know When to Call a Professional Electrician

Electric Substation

Electric Substation

Let's be frank. Electricity can kill you. Secondarily, performing certain upgrades or repairs of electrical systems incorrectly can cause fires, or other damage to your office. At Integrity Power and Electric, while we are all in favor of resetting breakers and changing light bulbs yourself, when it comes to adding a 220 line or repairing faulty wiring, you're best off to call a professional electrician. In fact, we recommend calling us for any industrial electrical application, high voltage, and any electrical troubleshooting. Additionally, you should always call us for any of the cases below:

Troubleshooting a short in wiring

A wiring short happens when the copper in the wire is in contact with another metal surface. This can cause disruption in the electrical signal, fire, and equipment malfunction. This is dangerous to attempt without proper training as it can also lead to electrocution.

Adding a circuit or installing a dedicated power line

When you install new wiring, you may need a new circuit in your junction box as there is a limit to how much current each circuit will allow before it trips. This requires working with live voltage, which is extremely dangerous. As professional licensed commercial electricians, we have the specialized tools, training and experience to do the job safely.

Working near water

Water is a conductive material, meaning that electricity will travel through it. If you are working near water, say in the basement, kitchen, or bathroom, you should have a professional do the job. Remember, water is present even if you don't have the faucet on. These areas are rich with plumbing lines. If there is a leak, the electric current may make contact with it, which can be very hazardous to your health.

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