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Why Does My Breaker Panel Make A Buzzing Sound?

If your electrical panel is buzzing, it can be a little unnerving for many people. After all, electricity can be dangerous and possibly cause fires, There are a handful of common reasons for this to happen, and we'll explore a few of them in this article.

A Circuit Breaker In The Electrical Panel Is Failing To Trip When It Should.

This can cause your wire connected to it to become the “breaker” with the possibility of the wire melting in half. Not a good situation and should be addressed by a qualified electrician as soon as possible

A circuit breaker's job is to turn off the power to a device when the flow of electrical current is too high “overloading” or if the electricity is flowing to ground or neutral “a short circuit”. Often overloading can happen, for instance when an air conditioner overheats or a microwave malfunctions. If it isn't switching off when it should, it may buzz loudly instead. Unchecked, this may cause to a fire. If it is a bad breaker, you'll need to have a professional, licensed electrician (like us) replace the breaker.

A Loosely Connected Or Damaged Wire

Another possible cause is the actual connection of the breaker to the breaker panel bus. Left alone this condition will continue to worsen and can possibly cause problems with the breaker panel itself besides the breaker and can result in a full replacement of the panel if the bus is damaged. This not something you want to attempt to repair yourself.

Please contact us to identify and correct the problem for you. We have the qualifications, skill and tools to handle these problems.

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